About the founder:

Shri. Naresh Kumar Goyal, an alumini of MNIT Jaipur, is a renowned metallurgist with a experience of more than 30 years in the steel industry. He has provided complete end to end project guidance for numerous steel industries. His vast and rich experience with the industry includes working with all kinds of processes and machinery required for raw material processing, in-process equipment and end product manufacturing. Through this experience he aims at strengthening the existing businesses and develop new ones, managing the evolution of businesses and governance structures simultaneously. Through his vision the company aims at providing all its clients with the right quality, at the right time and the right price, thus building a strong everlasting relationship with all our clients, suppliers and employees.

Nishant Goyal, a young entrepreneur, with over a decade's experience in steel industry, has a deep insight on technical and commercial responsibilities related to this field. Armed with dual degrees, Engineering and Master's in Business Administration, Nishant has a strong acumen for business growth by understanding the supply and demand perspective of the Indian steel industry. His entrepreneurial skills have been instrumental in adding new products to the company's profile and expanding the horizons exponentially across India. Under his guidance the company aims to increase its satisfied customer base by offering new products with the right quality, at the right time and the right price.