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Our Products

Furnace / CCM / SMS / Rolling Mill Spares

Spares for Furnace, Rolling Mills and SMS - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Furnace / CCM / SMS / Rolling Mill Spares :

ISSC offers all spare parts for Induction furnaces, CCM, rolling mills and other SMS equipment with accurate compatibility, instant delivery lead time, highest quality and economically feasible.

  • Convertor / Invertor Thyristors, IGBT, Diodes, Capacitors (air and water cooled), PCB boards
  • All CCM spares
  • Magnetic Yoke
  • Water Cooled Cables, all other induction furnace spares and accessories
  • High power semiconductor devices (Thyristors, IGBT)
  • Circuit protection (Module case, Residual circuit device, Motor protection, Miniature)
  • Cooling systems (Cooling Jackets, Roof extractors, Vane / Jet / Inline / Bi-furcated / Axial flow fans, Centrifugal blowers)

Our Products

Copper Mould Tubes SMS Spares Oil Filtration Unit Ferro Alloys and
Refractory Bricks
Rolling Mill Rolls Graphite Electrodes Container Shear Baler Platform Cranes Baler Shear Gantry Shear Vertical / Inclined
Container Shear
Shredder Slag Remover