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Slag Remover

Slag Remover - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Slag Remover

Used for slag cleaning operation in high temperature area of intermediate frequency electric furnace. It is firmly installed on the electric furnace platform, and the operator can clean the scum (desulfurization scum, floating and condensing on the surface of molten iron) in the furnace through the remote control operation on the spot

S. No Item Equipment Model Parameters & Make Nos Unit
1 Electric Control System Electric Control Cabinet Schneider 1 Set
Remote Control Device Yuding, Taiwan 1 Set
Monitoring device   1 Unit
2 Hydraulic Execution System Hydraulic Unit Rexroth 1 Set
3 Rotating System Steel Structure Combination Shengjie 1 Set
Spinning Mechanism of Main Arm 800 Rotary Support 1 Set
Drive Combination BMR-400 Hydraulic Motor 1 Unit
Telescopic Guide 120 X 55 X 3500 1 Piece
Telescopic Cylinder 90 X 3500 1 Piece
4 Fishing System Grab Hand Combination High Temperature Resistant Special Steel 1 Set
Grab cylinder Ø63-160 X 35 1 Piece
Steel Structure Combination SJ-LZJ-3 1 Set
Telescopic Guide 120 X 55 X 2000 1 Set
Lifting Cylinder 90 X 1600 1 Piece