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Ferro Alloys Refractory Bricks

Ferro Alloys Refractory Bricks - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Ferro Alloys Refractory Bricks

We supply various type of Ferro alloys and refractories for several applications in Laddle refining furnace, Electric ARC furnace and other applications. Collaborated with manufacturers who are capable of producing tailor-made material with international standards to suit specific applications.

  • Ferro Alloys :
    Ferrous, Silicon, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium, High Carbon
  • Refractories :
    Fireclay , Insulation, High Alumina, Andalusite bricks, Alumina-SiC, Corundum, Magnesia carbon, Magnesite alumina carbon, Magnesite, Magnesite chrome, Chrome-Mag, Chromite, Silica, Silicon Carbide, Monolithics consisting of Conventional, Castables, Ramming, Felting, Gunning & Spraying mixes